(26th June, 2019):
• Dervent Valley (Imagination Valley): Walking among the colorful rock formations like camel Shape
• Pasabaglari (Monks Valley): The most beautiful mushroom shaped of the region.
• Red River (Avanos): Pottery demonstration from Hittite time.
• Goreme Open Air museum (Rock Churches): Byzantine rock carved churches, wall paintings and Frescoes; St basil, Apple Church, Snake Church, St Barbara, Sandals Church, Monasteries.
• Uchisar Castle: The silk road below the castle of uçhisar the highest point of Cappadocia.
• Kaymakli Underground City: The best and the most famous underground city in Cappadocia.
• Ihlara Valley: Known as Peristrema, hiking the valley is a popular daytime excursion while visiting